Trade markets have been always in need of a main instrument that can bring together all the potential and possibilities that markets, such as ForEx or the Stock Market, have been able to provide to all their participants. This powerful tool has come in a time when time is more valuable than any other Exchange Traded Product (ETP), Exchange Traded Fund (ETP) or Exchange Traded Notes (ETN). The new computer-based technologies have made this new era the ideal moment to make possible the improvement of the outcome of e-learning, creating a new whole role model for traders, brokers, investors and all kind of participants. The new technologies have been able to offer the shortest periods of trading time and the fastest responses, granting agents, dealers and merchants with the best electronic tools to identify the best opportunities.

During the first years of its existence, the new technologies were not as indispensable as they are now; in this day and age, online-trading technology is the main tool to operate in the market. Developers have been able to create technologically advanced software platforms that have brought Internet-based real-time trading environments to the traditional and conservative markets. Two of the most significant and relevant software tools are ECN and MT ForEx Trading Platforms.

Electronic Communications Network (ECN) platforms are trading systems where the data is processed directly following the S.T.P. protocol (Straight Through Processing) with no mediation from brokers or any other agents. ECN is a no-dealing-desk platform and for that reason orders are no longer in need of third parties. These new platform has created a new trading setting according to real-timerates and prices’ liquidity. Online brokers sites provide great ECN interfaces to get the best of ForEx market and, their ECN platforms demos are usually the most common marketing practice that ForEx participants all around the world decide to test before starting their ForEx portfolio.

MT MetaTrader platforms are based on a market trading online concept designed specifically for experienced traders that will take advantage of the features of this software tools. Designed especially to create the perfect trading platform, MT is the perfect tool for monitoring the positions in ForEx market. Systems based on MT offer high-level features such as immediate orders performance and multiple trading, as wells as new features for new electronic devices.