The Foreign Exchange market, also known as ForEx, initially took off in the beginning of the 1970s when this new concept finally opened the doors of the international global currency market and its old-fashioned ways by introducing new floating exchange rates that, as a final point, meant the end of the traditional fixed currency exchange rates. ForEx has brought the world together in only one international market where international currency is traded according to currency exchange rates that are being established by the same market. ForEx is a new concept based on the monetarist systems all around the world that, throughout the past decades, has developed an international network to provide the best currency market.

The Stock Market had been always the main trade market until the Foreign Exchange market finally took over. Needless to say, both markets have their own characteristics. Their different nature is something that keeps them apart from each other, setting up the most important differentiation of all: stability. ForEx most important characteristic is its stability, putting a stop to the breakdown of the market. The international monetary system, as continuous stream of worldwide transactions, never gets to collapse; ForEx, as any market, will always experience ups and downs. Nevertheless, ForEx framework makes some currencies stronger against others, a trading floor that has made of ForEx, the steadiest market of them all. Currencies will fall against other currencies that will become stronger, keeping the continuity of the market and the non-stop currency flow.

The same new technologies that have revolutionized every single aspect of our modern world have been also responsible for the changes and, towards the end, the accomplishment of the global market. However, ForEx not only bases its success on the new technologic tools that have been providing the market with the most accurate information; a fully developed international trading network that has allowed its demand to set the fixed rates has been the main pillar for the Foreign Exchange market.

ForEx is, without doubt, the ultimate market for bankers, brokers and any Foreign Exchange trader, a market where everybody can be successful using only common sense.