Appreciation: exchanges currencies are to appreciate when prices and rates experienced increases. A currency always is to appreciate against other currencies.

Asset Sharing-out: funds shares to boost up a specific area that might have a great potential for investors. It can also be funds sharing to minimize the potential risk in the investments areas.

Base Currency: the base currency is the main currency that investors generally follows and works with. Generally, in ForEx markets, American Dollar has been considered the main “Base Currency” so investors quote on units of one dollar ($1 USD); however, other foreign currencies have made a strong impact in ForEx markets like the Euro, the Australian Dollar, the Chinese Yuan or the British Sterling.

BidShare: this share is the rate for the currency at which the market has been established and, therefore, the rate that investors, brokers and ForEx agents are going to work with.

Bid/Ask Range: the range that comes from the prices differences between the bid and the offer determines ForEx markets liquidity.

Big Figure: in ForEx markets, the first digits of any exchange currency ratio that has been a common practice for ForEx brokers and agents due to its straightforwardness. Quotes usually refer to the digits that change more rapidly. In a quote USD/EUR, the exchange currency rate 99.50/99.25 will be therefore 50/25.

Cable: foreign exchange currency rates between British Sterling and US Dollar.

Candlestick Chart: represents the opening and closing prices as well as rates. Based on the opening and closing prices, some areas of the chart have to be marked so changes on prices can be appreciated.

Counterparty: any of the parties involved in a financial transaction.

Country Risk: international exchange currency is defined by several circumstances that not always have to be directly related to the political settings of a country.

Maturity Date: settlement date for any transaction.

Over the Counter (OTC): transactions not involving exchange.

Pips or Point: fourth decimal’sdigits.

Position: currency total holdings.

Quote: market price indicator.

Rate: exchange currency price in terms of other currencies.

Settlement: transactions once it has been entered into the investor’s financial books.